The First Leaf Seen

The Eden of

the first leaf seen

is peace enough.

After that green,

whatever’s left

sustains itself.

I only need

recollect how

blind I was when

vision was mine

to lose; I trained

my eyes to paint

bright hues—Sight is

too plane: the mind

can trick the brain

to never use

the light again.

5 Responses to “The First Leaf Seen

  • I trained my eyes to paint bright hues……
    “Everything is ok, it is, it really is” when it is only so obvious that it is not. Love your writing Mark.

    • Right. And I was torn between bright and dark hues, or bright and dark hues. Bright had the best sound so it stayed. I am just as capable of tainting things the other way too.

  • Robert Crisp
    2 years ago

    Excellent. That first line grabbed me and wouldn’t let go: “The Eden of /the first leaf seen /is peace enough.” Damn, that by itself is a poem. Woo! Feelin’ electric! Good writing does that to me.

    • Thanks Robert! So glad to have you on my site and reading some. I’ve been enjoying your stuff. Still can’t shake that image of a scroll of piano player sheet music across the sky, or whatever it was.

      • Robert Crisp
        2 years ago

        Oh, wow…yeah, that was it. That makes my morning.

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