This blog began as a way to create a writer’s platform. It has become a member of a much larger community. Click on any picture to find my people.


Reading blogs simulates what going to meetings does for my recovery. I can’t always get to a meeting, but I can always catch up with the bloggers. Real people exhibiting real recovery and the real struggles that come with it.


Podcasts are a great way to hear a message, a comforting voice, or sometimes a good old-fashioned rant. You’re either driving or riding the bus, no doubt.

In either case, there’s time for the good stuff.


Diverse content. Unique offers. Real people.

I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with websites that offer an outstanding recovery experience.


Tools for your tool belt. From detox locators, to online meetings, to sober social media and meditation applications, the internet is a robust place to resource your recovery.



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