Poem on Parenthood (finished to restore my sanity)

Had a rough morning, and a rougher night. My son was driving us crazy. It seems as though not sleeping has become a game. I had to finish a poem I started this weekend to remind myself that fatherhood rocks.




Parenthood makes what’s corny cool.

We play guess how much I love you


in the car. “More than that mountain”

I say. He knows best what is in


front of him. “More than bunny” his

reply. How do I measure boundless


love in toddler terms? “More than fame,

power, and money” — I lost him


there to the long blue blades of pen

that — clutched between knuckles — pretend


to be the claws of wolverine.

In these moments I don’t believe


I would ever want to hold back

the corny ways that make me dad.

2 Responses to “Poem on Parenthood (finished to restore my sanity)

  • Love your poetry:] My kids still say “I love you” and I still respond with “I love you more”.

    • Thanks Audrey – That is awesome. All this corny stuff that I never thought would be my life, now makes my life incredible and exciting! Congratulations on 7 weeks!

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