For J— (an elegy)

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive since I lost my friend. For those of you that don’t know, I lost my longest friend in recovery last week. I posted about it here

I wrote this elegy for him last night.


For J— (an elegy)


You were buried Friday,

dead eight days before,

but we’ve been deeper

down in the gaping core


of despair and were O.K.

Are you O.K., my friend?

You told me how your

dreams would always end


with a woman on the

beach playing ‘Heaven’

by the Talking Heads

on her brown violin


in her wavy white dress;

‘is she the one?’ You asked.

You thought enough of me

to trust me with the task


of playing Freud. ‘I don’t

know.’ Do I know? Are

you on a beach now,

in some musical bar


on a brown violin?

Heaven is a place; a place

where nothing ever happens.

I can look and see your face


everywhere. I can hear

your voice when someone sings.

You deserve the peace

only nothing can bring.


You are gone, but not lost.

I don’t know of that bliss,

how when free of ourselves

we are where nothing is.

5 Responses to “For J— (an elegy)

  • SoberinNY
    2 years ago


  • Robert Crisp
    2 years ago

    Amazing poem. I love how fresh the rhyme scheme is and how you work it in with line breaks. Well done…and I’m sorry about your friend.

    • Thanks for noticing Robert.
      That took a lot of time and attention.
      And thank you for the condolences.
      Want to turn this into spoken word, I’ll let you know.

  • Very touching piece. Thanks for putting it out into the world. And sincere condolences for your loss.

  • Hard to believe how quickly time flies. Definitely touched and a good tribute. So sorry, my friend. – DDM

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