Empowered Sunflowers

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sunflower power

Empowered Sunflowers

To strengthen

is only

partly human.

A spurt in

isolation is

hardly growing.

See the weed

sprout in shallow

dirt. It dries

out in hours.

The solitary

hurt is worse.

Ask the field

of sun flowers

that wield a force

through each disperse

of borrowed power.

4 Responses to “Empowered Sunflowers

  • Robert Crisp
    2 years ago

    I like this a lot. I read it…and then said, “Hang on a bit,” and read it again. Then again. Great work that reads well on the page and out loud.

    • Thanks Robert. Yeah I know I’m really writing poetry when I don’t fully understand what I’m writing. It’s just flowing freely and I try to catch up later.

  • Very beautiful and profound. <3

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