Screen-less Dreams


The post “Story Time” was a popular one. At least it was picked up by the popular author Dan Maurer of Transformation-Is-Real. Observing my son’s creativity was also explored in the post before it, “The Forest and the Tree.” Consider this a companion poem to these stories.


Screen-less Dreams


Again he says “turn the light on.”

Fear on his face too genuine


to deny the request, like when

he wants cookies in the morning


or one more show to watch. He says

dragons fly through the window, makes


me lie next to him—guardian

on the brink of great sights unknown.  


What do I know? In the eavesdrop

of flying lizards and bean-stalked


skies—nothing. I wish I knew less

of the knowledge that wiggles its


way out of magic and made-believe

flight. His eyelids a heavy screen


that display imagination.

I wait to hear his dream again.


For more poetry from the Miracle of the Mundane click here, or the poetry tab on the upper-right of the page.

5 Responses to “Screen-less Dreams

  • Mark, your poetry is simply spectacular. Lest you think I’m blowing any smoke up your a$$, know this: keep doing what you’re doing. You’re on fire, man!

    One point I’ve found to be true with poetry (I’m not much of a poet either) is that if I have to—and I want to—read the poem over again to let the words sink in, I know it’s good. Your piece above is one such example. Nicely done!

    – DDM

    • Thank you Dan! My first 4 years sober I spent reading and writing poetry (when I wasn’t doing all the other stuff we call life!) so I really appreciate this comment. When I’m really writing, like really writing, I feel I’m a poet. When I’m not, it feels like I’m a casual observer. This made my day!

  • I read a fair amount of poetry and this is very, very, very good. Poetry, like art, seems to be only valuable after the artists dies which is a huge shame because this is brilliant. Seriously, Good work, Mark.

  • Robert Crisp
    2 years ago

    “Bean-stalked skies.” Spectacular.

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