On Second Thought

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, I invite you to take a deep breaththat’s itrelax, and enjoy this original poem. If you’re like me, you’ve suffered from the paralysis of analysis. This poem is a tribute to action.


I tried not to over think it.



On Second Thought


What’s in front of me

gets the best I’ve got.


I was never one

for periphery,

where targets are lost.


The right isn’t done

behind a back but

in the palm of hands

and the glint of eyes.


The first act is what

courage understands.


The second thought lies.

19 Responses to “On Second Thought

  • Mark Decker (Sr)
    10 months ago

    Love your poem……….

  • Simplistic wisdom Mark! I like the first poem too, you know, “I tried not to overthink it…” <3
    Diana xo

  • easy, breezy wisdom and much needed today, Mark.

  • “The first act is what courage understands.” Love this Mark. What a beautiful gift you possess with your use of words.

  • Love it all but especially the last few: “The first act is what courage understands. The second thought lies.” Amen.

  • And it’s so so true for me.
    As an over thinker, it’s only when I act that things happen.

    At least I think that was what you meant!!
    You really are a gifted writer, Mark.
    You must be an awesome teacher.
    My favorite Language Arts teacher was my 9th grade teacher.
    (He was cute, too!)
    But he motivated me to write a speech, and I put it to my own piano music.
    It was one of my best moments in my school life!
    Teachers really matter.


    Mr. UT wrote a cool post…I wish blogger had a like button like Word Press does.
    Do you think I should switch to WP?


    • Thanks Wendy!

      Well, I try my best. I find, like you’ve shared, teaching to be one of those great and worthwhile things to do with your time. Even though it’s frustrating as all get out at times!

      The blogspot / wordpress disconnect is real. I’ve tried to find solutions but haven’t found any. I think it depends on what you want out of your blog. I’ve never used blogger before.

  • stepsherpa
    10 months ago

    I will love you forever

    I saw you this morning, naked in a glass hotel
    Again I sipped slowly on a new days bitter tears of regret

    The shadow of despair pushed me toward you in a mornings light
    My hat and coat, my proper dress, a suit of armor waiting by the door

    I bum rush your world, I stumble from side to side, I feel my guilt and shame, I relive my betrayal.
    Leaving you behind I have taken you with me. In abandonment you are with me forever.

    I choke on my justified innocence, swallow tears of regret. The thief says, thou shall not steal from one who has nothing to steal. The liar lies to himself always.

    I am a liar.

  • This was the perfect bedtime snack to slow the mental; or, at least, try. Thank you!

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