Mothers Day After

Mother’s Day means brunches, fresh flowers, and customized greetings from William Shatner prepped for mass delivery.

But what happens the day after? When the brunch is digested, the flowers aren’t as fresh, and it dawns you that William Shatner said that thousands of mothers were his sole inspiration? The miracle of the mundane is here to extend the appreciation free of charge.


Mother’s Day After



this son of a

          good mother

is husband to another


saw one give

         life to

my daughter


is step-son to

         a teacher

and wrote a paper


about his hero

          my sister

still women i will




the way you







strength is beauty

     and beauty strength

you know distance

     and I know length

my strength competes

     and always loses

my woman’s strength

     is undefeated

you are unmatched and

     for that matter

i can’t contest

     my woman’s power



     so this goes out

to the reason

     life goes on

goes to the one

     who takes this

mess of me

     and with lizard-

brain alchemy

     turns it into


     you took my name

although it didn’t exist

     before you uttered it

you take each bless

     and say i’ll mother it



          here’s to the force

all power yields to

          wrapped up in words


          like flowers

in tissue

          the mother’s


          day after

this occasion

          is better


          for you aren’t


          it’s best instead


          to celebrate you

like a slice

          of daily bread

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