Join the mantra; march through March.





The best foot is

the one that falls

forward, that moves

toward a cause


with a purpose.

March is a good

time to march, is

a month that could


change your life if

you let one foot

fall in front of

another. Trod


no step in vain

with this in mind:

thirty-one days

one day at a time.


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11 Responses to “March

  • I like this, Mark! Marching to me reminds me of trudging. A bit different, but the idea of putting one foot in front of the other regardless of circumstances is something I am still learning. Thanks for this reminder and happy March 1!

  • one day and on step at a time. x

  • stepsherpa
    11 months ago

    Missteps.. Watch your Step, Baby Steps, two Step, Goose Step, hop shuffle step, 12 Steps, Quick Step, Elevator, Handicap ramp, spiritual path, willingness afloat walking through my sea of madness…I’m in for the long haul today, I am gifted with living sober, I am grateful, willing to do my best to share all that is so freely given to me..

    And? The redwing blackbirds are back at the feeder,,So make room Mr and Mrs Cardinal, all you nuthatch’s and ok, the SQUIRRILS too, my friend the woodpecker who likes his special blend of suet..,It’s SPRING!! I want to share it with you guys! I’ll keep the feeders stocked one day at a time. I can do this..

  • Nice one! One foot in front of the other is how I keep going most days – somedays with my head up excitedly taking in the surroundings and somedays with my head down and eyes squeezed shut 🙂

  • Saoirsek
    11 months ago

    Love this, really uplifting, thanks for posting ?

  • “No step in vain”..
    I think this is lovely.
    And so true.

  • “Trod no step in vain . . . ” Isn’t that truly what it’s like sometimes? Just plodding, trodding along. Never knowing where the next footfall will land; equally unaware of the journey’s destination. Trusting. Hoping that each step forward shall be another . . . .

    For us…


  • Nice! Cluelessly trudging (“Happy Destiny”, ya know) has been my lot for a bit. Thank God for when He tells me where to put my foot down.

  • Inspiring Mark! ❤✌?✊?keep marching my friend.

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