Leap day proves we live on God’s time


Just when we believe that civilization has properly ordered the universe, in comes February 29. That one day every four years that mocks our 12-month calendar, when we can universally admit that our formulas are rigged, that time is an invention.

Perfection doesn’t need an addendum, or asterisk, or a February 29. There is nothing that science can prove that we can turn around and call perfect, because perfection also cannot have a reflection. Formulas and measurements can only reflect creation.

And in that space between the real and the formulated, I believe God is laughing—that harmless sort of chuckle a parent has for a child when that child dresses up in daddy’s tie or mommy’s make-up for the day. I mean,

God made our four years worth of days indivisible by four, what more proof do you need that human invention will leave you unfulfilled.


We are slaves to the second. 60 minutes pass to an hour, 24 hours to a day, and we think our measurements of time are real. ‘Today is February 29’ is universally accepted as truth. But ‘Today is filled with beauty and love’ is up for debate. It’s difficult for the day to be February 29 and filled with beauty and love at the same time. So we have to choose.

Prayers do not work like emails, tweets, or texts. We cannot see if God has heard them and be assured when those three bubbles inform a reply.


I believe God operates in a mystical reality that is invisible and immeasurable.


God is in the majesty of the moment, not in the machinery of the millisecond.


I hope that leap day can remind us to let our plans and schedules dissolve away for long enough feel some bliss in our lives.

7 Responses to “Leap day proves we live on God’s time

  • Robert Crisp
    2 years ago

    “God is in the majesty of the moment, not in the machinery of the millisecond.” I needed to hear that today. Do you happen to read or follow Fr. Richard Rohr?

    • I didn’t until now! I followed him and will check him out. Glad this post was useful for you Robert! Hope you have a great week.

  • Great stuff, Mark. My father believes God lives both within and from without of time. Interestingly, science is showing today that time events are simultaneously real and completely imagined from a mathematical point of view.

    • Thanks Dan! That is interesting about the latest in how science perceives time. I’d love to read more on it.
      Happy 5-years to you sir!

  • Natalie A
    2 years ago

    Mark, I just stumbled across your blog and it’s what I needed tonight. I’m coming up on 4 months sober and I’m flopping around emotionally. I keep forgetting to turn it over to God, then I see something like your post and I remember, if only for a few minutes. It did occur to me on February 29th (a few days back), as I was reading out of 24 Hours a Day, that I wouldn’t be reading that particular entry for another 4 years. Gave me a wee smile. Thank you for your service, my new friend.

    • Natalie- so glad to virtually meet you. Congratulations on your sobriety. We both have to defend our sobriety each day. It makes me so happy to know this was helpful. Emotions are part of that mess of stuff we can’t control unfortunately. All we can do is let them go! Great to connect and let’s stay in touch! -Mark

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