Forget the bunny

My toddler at the dinner table gives us that familiar stare. His eyes flash like high-beams, his jaw drops in the sudden realization that it is potty time.

How often this ends with wet clothes, and urine in all corners of the bathroom floor. By the time he gets to the toilet, his process of aiming resembles an unmanned fire house.

“I need to go potty!”

“Quick! Go buddy go!”

He runs down the hall, then returns, jumping up and down.

“My bunny, my bunny!” He sprints in short painful strides like a speed-walker back to the dining room table where his beloved stuffy was watching him eat.


We are a S.W.A.T. team moving in, or a pit crew changing tires.

He is learning the importance of urgency, and that he should take care of his potty business before the situation comes to a proverbial boil.

But while I sit with my wife at the table, praying to hear the melodious sound of a ‘bull’s eye,’ we share a laugh. How absurd our sense of urgency can be in this life. I’m no different from my boy at times.

I’ll be running out the door late for some meeting and circle back for the Altoids I left on the counter, as if fresh breath and punctuality are the two most important things in life.

Forget the bunny has become a common phrase for me and my wife. One of those inside jokes that helps to keep us sane in the midst of raising two children under four. Anytime we are feeling self-important or a little high-and-mighty, we only need forget the bunny and realize our day-to-day concerns are miniscule when placed in the grander scheme of life.

I hope that this weekend you find humor in the madness, calm in the storm; I hope you remember to

forget the bunny.

8 Responses to “Forget the bunny

  • You write beautifully. What a neat (and fun) little vignette!

  • I love this story. Lol Those were the best years of my life. So far. I don’t have any grand kids yet but I can see that that might be one of the only things that could outdo my own years of raising babies. : )

    • There is so much joy in the midst of the grind of parenting, isn’t there? Always good to see your name Annette pop up in the comment section! Sorry I disabled the facebook account–we are still friends of course! I just had to take a step back until I figure the facebook thing out.

  • Many years from now, those were the ones that will always put a smile on both your wife’s face remeniscing.

    • Hello Aui. That makes me glad I wrote it down. Thanks for visiting. Reading your site a bit. I admire how you are dealing with such a tragedy.

  • Funny stuff, Mark. Thanks for sharing this. It’s funny how this can relate to so many things in our lives.

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