Feeling Twittery?

I am now in my second month as a tweeter. 100 months sober to my 1 month on twitter, I’ve found an addictive drug. Social media has been on my mind a lot recently. It ruined a joyful snow outing with my son here; I blogged about my misuse of it here; then most recently about a deal a struck with my wife gone awry here.

How often have I logged out of twitter on my computer after a carefully composed tweet. Then stood up and checked on my phone as I’m out the door to see if anyone has ‘liked it’ yet; watching seconds tic away on that rectangular box in fruitless and vain expectation.

ENOUGH I SAY. The poet in me had to counter these twittery sucker-punches.


Live feed


We are hooked

on the hook,
not the bait.

We will look
at the time 
on the clock,
not our fate—

not at our task

but on how long
it will take
‘til we no 
longer wait—

on what should be
or what is not—

on the phone
that we check
for we don’t know what,

for a buzz 

or a pop.

Stars will not

shine for us

unless we look up.


Such distance has

become too much.


3 Responses to “Feeling Twittery?

  • I read that post with your wife there and this one and I can relate in many ways. She has called me out a few times, and I have certainly been very cognizant about when and where I check things on my phone. I am not as jumpy as I used to be, and I don’t get too caught up in it as much as I used to. I do have my moments, but for the most part, I just watch my time when I am with the boys and her. Not that I am sneaking it – but I will put it down or even away or off when we are doing things. My wife is better and chunking her time with it, but the fact is that most people are on screens. Twitter is my big social feed, for the most part, but I am learning to adjust when necessary. It takes time, and like everything else, takes adjustment. I used to be much worse, checking the stats for my old blog, checking this and checking that. now I chill out more. It will even out 🙂


    • I trust and believe that it will Paul. Thanks for reading and responding! I am still in the newleywed phase with it all. You know it was my wife’s idea to start the blog. She was tired of hearing my talk non-stop about the writing I do and how nothing ever got picked up. Haha. Know whe eats those words a bit. I am confident that it will even out…until then, I am full steam ahead! (while trying to more mindful of family time!)

  • Only just caught this one. Love it! (PS Your wife was—and is—right. She always is!!)

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